Strathclyde Park has been officially tried and tested for the Commonwealth Games.

Triathletes invaded the venue on May 24 for a dress rehearsal of the course. The loch has previously drawn criticism for the high levels of blue-green algae. Regulating the water quality has been a key preparation to get the park into shape for the summer.

Chief Operating Officer of Triathlon Scotland Jane Moncrieff, said: "We are very pleased that so much time and effort has gone in to turning this venue into a truly world class facility and I am sure that all the athletes will find it a challenging but enjoyable course."

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No monsters emerged from the loch but the choppy waters gave the competitors a hard enough time.

Even that wasn't said to be the most difficult part.

Welsh racer Liam Lloyd, winner of the men's event, said: "It's quite a technical course and I really enjoyed the bike but its tough going up and down the hills."

In order to try to replicate conditions for the Games, organisers held back competitors in a couple of areas. This was to create a pack of riders to see how they would handle the twists and turns on the bike as well as the transition area.In good spirits the racers took it in their stride.

Even Scottish triathlete Douglas Roberts who held a strong lead after the swim was held back for a minute at the first transition. Immediately after he was through the finish line, coming second in the men's race, he showed no bad feeling. He said: "If races in the Commonwealth Games goes anything like today it will be really good and well organised."

The highlight of the day was watching the newly added mixed team relay in action. The event was bursting with energy as each team member flew around the course to tag in their next teammate. Several Scottish teams signed up to try out the event. Each group had four members which alternated between two women and two men.

It started with female competitors who completed the 250m swim, followed by a 6k bike and a 1.6km run. After completing this they tagged a male teammate. When the men finish their leg they tagged in the women and finally the men raced to the finish.

Andrew Fish was one of the brave few who took part in both the men's event and the team relay a few hours later. "I think there were more people around in the morning for the men's but there was a better atmosphere for the team event. It's been great and everyone's got really into it," the Scottish competitor said.

He continued: "In both events you still have to go over the hills so you don't miss out any of the harder parts."

While the athletes raced hard and fast in both events, there was undeniably a fun element in the mixed team relay.

The commentator had banter with the eager teammates waiting to dive off the pontoon, chanting for water bombs as they jumped in the loch. He wasn't disappointed.

During the Games triathlon will take place over two days, July 24 and July 26. There will be three medal events including the men's and women's event as well as the mixed team relay making its Commonwealth Games debut.