Stewart Burt missed out on representing Scotland at the Commonwealth Games but that has not dented the Newton Mearns boxer's confidence as he begins his journey in the professional ranks.

Coming from a "posh" area with a private school education, he does not fit the typical boxing profile but Burt insists that won't stop him.

"People talk about it a lot and it did used to bother me but it's just one of those things. You get it so much and you learn to laugh it off. I'm still from Glasgow, just a different area. Gary Jacobs was from Newton Mearns, so what does that tell you?

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"People class it as the posh area but that doesn't make me any worse or better than any other boxer. I've trained hard for years and I know I've got what it takes.

"Make no mistake I'm not just turning pro to see how I am or how far I can go. The first thing on the list is to win the British title. Looking at the current scene I can definitely see myself in the mix in a few years."

The 24-year old welterweight trains at Hay Field BC under Joe Ham. His team-mates Stephen Lavelle and Joe Ham Jr. both went to the Commonwealth Games but Burt lost out to Edinburgh's Lewis Benson.

He said: "It was disappointing but you can't take it away from Lewis. He beat me and he beat Connor Law so he deserved it. We're good friends and even though he was there at my weight I was cheering for him.

"Since I've started boxing people have always said I've got a style suited to the pros and finally I've got the chance to prove it. I'm a good boxer. I like to use my skills but at the same time I'm not afraid to go into a tear-up.

"I did think about staying amateur. I've had to do a lot of soul searching this past week because the life you live is brilliant. They pay for you to go all over the world and the bonds you strike up with the boys is incredible. I'm chucking all that and starting a new chapter but I can walk away on a high and being proud of my achievements."

Alongside Ham, Burt is turning pro with Alex Morrison and could make his debut on October 17 at the Thistle Hotel. He said: "I got the green light from the board yesterday so I'll find out soon. I'd love to make my debut alongside Joe in Glasgow. I reckon I could sell quite a few tickets for that.

"I'm delighted to be with Alex because he is the promoter that's hot right now. He has a growing stable of fighters, he's getting guys on Sky and look how far he took Ricky Burns. If you've got the ability you can go all the way with him.

"Although my coach, Joe, has never trained pros he's the best amateur coach I've ever had. I think he'll adapt to the pro game extremely well. We'll all be making that transition over the next year and we've got the backing of Alex who is incredibly experienced so that's a good combination.

"Everyone's dream when they turn pro is obviously to be a world champion but I'm not looking there yet. As long as Alex keeps on getting me the fights, I'll keep winning and we'll see where it takes us."