CHRISTIAN DAILLY'S foul-mouthed rant against Germany following a 2-1 defeat in Dortmund back in 2003 has become the stuff of YouTube legend.

In his most infamous moment as a Scotland player, Dailly was caught by television microphones screaming "f****** cheats" in the frenzied moments after the final whistle.

His anonymity was blown away, however, when Scotland manager Berti Vogts, who was being interviewed at the time, reacted to the shouts by calling out "Christian" in an attempt to calm his player down.

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Dailly's outburst was prompted by a German display packed with petulance and diving and the clip has since attracted over 165,000 views on YouTube.

"I can't talk about a Germany Scotland game without mentioning the infamous incident when I was heard swearing in the background as Berti Vogts was being interviewed," said the player who amassed 67 caps.

"We had been beaten and I was just incredibly frustrated by some of their tactics and diving. That frustration carried over into the tunnel but I was blissfully unaware that my outburst had been picked up on camera with Berti shouting my name to try and calm me.

"It wasn't until I got to the team bus that I started getting phone calls - including one from my mum - and I realised I was in real bother!"

As for Sunday's qualifier, Dailly insists Scotland have nothing to lose at the home of the World champions.

"If Scotland were beaten, no one would raise an eyebrow. So we should go there with a no-lose mentality. There is certainly no reason why we should think we will get a hiding, as some pundits are suggesting.

"We are compact, play shorter passes and defend well. We showed against Croatia in the [World Cup] qualifiers that we are difficult to score against. And we have players like Steven Naismith who is on fire at Everton at the moment.

"These were the sort of matches I relished. It is good to test yourself against the best and this Germany side are certainly that. We will be underdogs but that is a role we nearly always occupy and one we're comfortable with, so hopefully we will come away with our heads held high."