Three children were rewarded for returning £100 to a Purley man who dropped it in the street near his home.

Alan Foley, 51, of Kingsdown Avenue, had withdrawn £100 on February 21 but hours later was unable to find it.

Purley Oaks' pupils Cody Harris, nine, Blake Harris, seven and Gemma Hughes, eight, were walking home from school when they spotted one of his £20 notes floating in the breeze.

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The pupils then spotted a pass book with £80 inside and knocked on the door of Mr Foley's neighbour and handed over the cash.

The pupils were each rewarded with £5 book tokens by Mr Foley on Monday following their honest return of his money.

Mr Foley said: "When my neighbour spotted me searching outside he told me about the pupils' good deed and I wanted to thank them.

"You hear about ten and 12-year-olds giving lip, taking drugs and mugging people but these pupils did something good and this needs to be recognised.

"They came to my house on Monday and were ecstatic when they saw the photographer and heard they were to be rewarded.

"They did something rare and good for me and I did nothing for them except express my appreciation to them."

Pictured with Mr Foley and his money are Blake, Gemma and Cody delighted with their rewards.