I originally wanted to be a newspaper journalist until I listened to football on the old Sport on 2 with the velvety voices of Peter Jones, Bryon Butler and Peter Lorenzo. I’d have my transistor radio blaring over the terraces whilst watching my home town team Weymouth in Dorset and used to love how everyone crowded round to listen.

Weymouth were a decent non-league outfit in my childhood with players like Jeff Astle, Andy Townsend, Steve Claridge and Graham Roberts. In 1975 I decided I should follow a professional team as well and West Ham had the same colours. At the age of 10 life decisions were that simple eh?

The Hammers won the FA Cup that year and again in 1980. Shame we haven’t won anything since! I moved to London aged 17 (scary for this country bumpkin) and landed a job as matchday tannoy announcer at West Ham. Talk about living the dream.

Jonathan Pearce and Richard Park gave me a break at Capital Radio where I got to work with Billy Bonds and Bobby Moore. Talk about still living the dream.

Richard had commentated himself on Radio Clyde and funnily enough Scots have played a big part in my career and in my life generally as my wife was born in Dundee. Aberdeen fan Andy Melvin, who had worked at STV, was a big chief at Sky Sports and gave me the Scottish football gig when the SPL began in 1998, although I had actually commentated on the 1995 Aberdeen v Dunfermline play-off.

Another Scottish Sky producer Colin Davidson, another Aberdeen fan too, recommended me to Grampian TV. God bless all these Scots!

There really is nothing quite like the Old Firm. Sure it comes with a lot of baggage but as a sporting occasion it is unique. I rarely sleep the night before because I’m just buzzing. Imagine what it must be like for the players. I’m only shouting their names out!

I used to ring Walter Smith on the morning of games to get an early shout on his team. We’d end up chewing the fat for a while. I miss those chats. Martin O’Neill used to hand me a crumpled piece of paper with his formation scrawled on it.

I once spent a couple of hours in a hotel bar with Martin the night before a Celtic game. What an utterly fascinating character. I’ve been lucky enough to commentate on over 50 Glasgow derbies and am often asked which was my favourite.

I like to go for one win apiece, conveniently, as I never leave that fence! The 6-2 game and the 2002 Scottish Cup Final; Henrik’s chip; Lovenkrands’ header; and McCann’s cross wasn’t bad. It’s humbling when football fans quote some of my commentary lines but also a relief because that’s why we’re there. To capture the moment.

I often remember Andy Melvin’s very Aberdonian advice before games. “Don’t f*** up.” I have occasionally but hopefully I’m in credit. With apologies to Rangers I was hoping to be on shift when Hibs finally won the Scottish Cup and the way it happened couldn’t have been more dramatic.

I’ve heard and seen ring tones, songs and tattoos of my commentary on David Gray’s winner. Phew I must have called it right. After 114 years it had to be bang on. Thanks David (and Liam Henderson) for making it easy for this commentator.

I love the passion of the players in Scotland. Every single one giving their absolute all. Celtic were a terrific watch last season but we could all do with a proper title race. I see a lot of good things about the Scottish game but can’t stand some of the petty off-the-pitch nonsense.

It bores me when I receive tweets saying I shouldn’t call it the Old Firm any more. I can and I will! Why on earth should we not embrace a game and a rivalry that the whole world wants part of?

I’ve always preferred to focus on the football and the players. What a magnificent talent we have on our patch in Kieran Tierney. Is there anything the lad can’t do?! Then there’s Stuart Armstrong, John McGinn, Cammy Kerr, Chris Cadden etc. We’ve actually got a lot going for ourselves.

It’s been a privilege covering Scottish football for nearly 20 years although I’ve only been going that long because I survived a Cup game at Arbroath in the early years. The Gayfield gantry overlooks the North Sea and It was so windy (hardly shock news I know) I was urged to wear a safety harness. I refused saying there was no way the wind was going to blow a fat commentator into the North Sea. I tell you what, it had a bloody good try.

I’ve seen so many matches as a fan and commentator over the years but if I had to pick one special occasion I’d go back to my youth when Weymouth reached the 3rd round of the FA Cup by winning 3-2 at Cardiff from 2-0 down. You just can’t beat that feeling. You can’t take the fan out of the commentator. Hence I love a bit of banter but if you’re planning to tweet me after the Old Firm to accuse me of bias, remember I’m actually the neutral one from a sleepy Dorset village. I love them both!