CONGRATULATIONS Hibernian in winning the 2017 SSE Scottish Women’s Cup final with a comprehensive 3-0 win over Glasgow City. This may come as news to some of you, as it would have been quite easy to miss the highlight of the women’s season which took place last Sunday.

Now, what else happened last Sunday? Oh, that’s right, the men folk had their Betfred League Cup final at Hampden, when Celtic played Motherwell in front of 50,000, with a sizeable audience watching on TV.

A few months back, someone from the female footballing fraternity decided it was a good time to have a pop at the media for the lack of coverage women’s sport enjoys. Personally, I think The Herald is pretty fair when it comes to giving the women, within all sports, their place, which to my mind should be based on success, not just because you are a female who plays sport.

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So, before anyone else comes picking a fight with those who decide what you read or view, take a look closer to home in the future when it comes to scheduling your next showpiece final.

To maximise exposure for your sport and sponsors, and to avoid disappointment, don’t go head-to-head with the boys when they have a Hampden date.

THERE was a time, not so long ago, when Tiger Woods was the most famous sportsman on the planet. Like icons Muhammad Ali and Usain Bolt, even those not remotely interested in sport knew who Tiger was.

So it was something of a surprise this week, as Woods made his comeback after injury, to receive a press release asking the question; ‘Can Tyga Woods perform to pre-injury level following back surgery?’

Maybe that was the Essex spelling ...

THIS week the candidates for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year were announced, and like last year, and the year before that, a debate immediately ensued as to whether everyone was a worthy candidate.

I must admit, I wouldn’t have been too far removed from the ‘experts’ long list. But just quite how the Beeb can once again allow their jury to completely ignore Ronnie O’Sullivan is utterly beyond me, particularly given how much airtime they donate to ‘The Rocket’ and his sport of snooker. And yes, it is sport.

He might not win it, but, he surely deserves to be one of the final twelve - maybe even twice; right and left-handed.

MY venture in to rallying last week gained quite a few comments, although that is not why I’m touching upon that particular sport today.

I was drawn to a story that FIA rally director Jarmo Mahonen was scathing about Rally Wales GB for being too long, with a total route of 922 miles, of which only 21% was actual timed tests. That’s a lot of road miles when the norm in the WRC is about a quarter of the overall distance being special stages.

It is however, a far cry from 30 years ago, when the old RAC Rally served up 1500-mile routes, with just the 543 miles against the clock in 1984, visiting as far north as Hawick.

I know which version I preferred.