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Heriot-Watt University

THE following are expected to graduate from Heriot-Watt University today at a ceremony at the Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland, Edinburgh:



Duncan James Anderson (Modulation and control of diode lasers for optical interferometers); William Beveridge (Techniques for the study of the Ion chemistry of group IVA quaternary cations); Fardos Marouf Bokhari (Studies on mycotoxin production by moulds in stored cereals and pulses).

Thomas Jay Cloonan (A high bit-rate packet switch architecture with advanced electronic packaging; and free-space optical interconnects); Thomas Connolly (Competition in variety trials); Fordyce Alexander Davidson (Bifurcation in systems of reaction-diffusion equations).

Mehmet Naci Inci (Optical coatings for fibre optic sensors); Gordon Kerr (The synthesis of Pyrazole C-Nucleosides as potential antitumour agents); Anthony L Lentine (Design of electro-optic effect devices for optical signal processing).

Mark Andrew Martin Lynch (Accurate and efficient algorithms for the approximate solution of large hyperbolic problems).

Frederick Bossert McCormick (Optical and mechanical design issues in free-space optical interconnection and processing); Catherine Margaret McKeen (Synthesis of acylamino derivatives of acyclonucleosides as potential antiviral agents); Iain James McKendrick (The spatial modelling of epidemics: velocity and pattern).

Paul Meredith (Linear and nonlinear optical properties of molecular beam deposited thin films and devices); John Michael Miller (Synthesis of high efficiency diffractive optical elements); Gary Parker (An application of stochastic interest rates models in life assurance).

Peter Grant Roberts (The laser chemical vapour deposition of gold from organogold (I) precursors); Alexander William Simpson (Laser spectroscopy and photophysics of perhalonitrosomethanes); Nicola Hales Souter (Thermophilic enzymes from Thermus ruber).

Jonathan Andrew David Wattis (Analytic approximations to solitary waves on lattices).


Sophie Barbot (The synthesis and characterisation of new asymmetric multidentate ligands and their nickel complexes).

Kenneth Falconer Barron (Optics in Hopfield content addressable memories); Vincent Claret (Synthesis of compounds related to Tiazofurin as potential antiviral agents).

Sabine Plancq (Heteronuclear carbonyl phosphiine complexes); David Alexander Wilson (Factors affecting the microbiological analysis of pharmaceutical preparations).


Brewing and Distilling

Johannes Braun; Frederic Ducrozet; Godfrey Eliah Hatidani Nyamuda; Laurent Henri Saffar.

Mathematics of Nonlinear Models

With Distinction: Adam Fowler.

Mathematics of Nonlinear Models

Andrew Frank Bromhead; Lynn Ann Hendry; Tony Lee; Malcolm Charles MacRae; Dimitrios A Mitsoudis; David Swanson; Konstantinos Tsapaliras.

Optoelectronic and Laser Devices

With Distinction: David John Borchardt Brinck; Donal Anthony Flavin.

Optoelectronic and Laser Devices

James Clark; Graham Ralph Powell.


Actuarial Mathematics

and Statistics

I -- David John Campbell; Aengus James Daly; David John Dickson; Melanie Adele Duthoit; John Martin Lynch; Thomas Mark Maguire; Iain Ross McGowan; Neil Alan Meldrum; Mark Graham Scott; Linda Spencer. II:1 -- Fook Hung Goon; Eoin Cornelius Murphy; Michael Alan Payne; Claire Marion Stuart; Siaw Wei Tang.

II:2 -- Safder Ahmed Ali Mohamed Jaffer; Neil Howie McCormick; John Clark Moore; Neil Eammon Gerard Simmons; Eileen Anne Todd. III -- Nur Azlene Abidin; Andrew Francis Keith Morrison; Gordon Ian Paton; David Malcolm Ross. Degree: Rupert Patrick Maragh.

Actuarial Mathematics

and Statistics

as the Main Subjects

Martin Gerard Burton; Ramli Bin Hassan; Declan Gerard Sweeney; Fatimy Bin Abdul Rashid.


I -- Iain Moore MacCormack Bell. II:2 -- Fiona Margaret Anne Campbell; Douglas Murdoch.

Applied Marine Biology

I -- Calum Duncan. II:1 -- Anne Campbell; Tracy Helen Clark; Sarah Lynn Foote; Aeneas Carl Hollins; Matthew Alastair Cormack Hunt; Derek Anthony Jamieson; Miles Timothy Knight; Theresa Jane Christina McGarry; Fiona McMinn; Christopher Ian Rogers; Paul Mark Vinten. II:2 -- Andrew Allan; Andrew Muir Ashton; Ian Robert Campbell; Tanya McGovern; Jane Kathryn Soden.


II:1 -- Joanne Benton; Alan George Clark. II:2 -- William Stuart Annan; Panagiotis Kalogeratos.

Biological Sciences

I -- David James Leathwood Pinder. II:1 -- John Lindsay Burns; Elizabeth Claire Pawson. II:2 -- Sameena Salim. Degree: Andrew John Summers.

Brewing and Distilling

I -- Helen Morrison; Steven Charles Muir Rowley. II:1 -- Malcolm Gregor Linton Irving; Alpa Patel; Steven John Stewart.


I -- Michael Christopher Fontaine. II:1 -- Patricia Hazel Arnold; David William Finlay; Stuart Andrew Griffin; Tejal Patel. II:2 -- James Edward Michael Ramshaw; Stuart James Robertson.


I -- Patrick John Finn; Greig Cameron Fraser. II:1 -- Grahame Kirkness Gorie; Sareen Elizabeth Grant; David John Monteith; Julie Tarbet.

II:2 -- Lorraine Scott Boak; Graeme John Davie; Timothy Charles Dintinger; William Alexander Graham; Alyn Brandon McNaughton; Graeme Lee Penman; Eleanor Proudfoot; Heather Rachel Silby; William Curran Vijayarajah.

III -- Katrina Agnes Corrigan; Peter Daniel McNeill; Angela Jacqueline Paul. Degree: Murray Hugh King.

Chemistry with Biochemistry

I -- David Jonathan Bennett. II:1 -- William McMillan McArthur; Thomas Alexander John Woodman. II:2 -- James Clive Jamieson.

Chemistry with Computer Science

I -- Neil Charles Shand. II:2 -- Philip Robert Gardiner; Brian Richard McLaren; Emma Diane Reid; Robert Graham Roy.

Chemistry with a

European Language

II:1 -- Catriona Jane Moir.

Chemistry with Polymers

and Advanced Materials

I -- David Mearns Duncan; Robert Gilfillan. II:1 -- Neil Alexander Morrison; Graham Harvey Spence. II:2 -- Simon Harrison-Smith; Stuart Preston.


I -- Bryan MacPherson; Carol Jane McIntyre. II:1 -- Colette Herd; Graham Richard Tennet; Susan Thomson. II:2 -- Gillian Buchan.

III -- Philip Moir; Robert James Rougvie; Catherine Jane Shelley. Degree: Colin Craig; Andrew Joseph Doyle; Aftab Hussain; Martin James Morrow.

with Applied Mechanics

II:1 -- Michael Anderson Fish.

with Computer Science

II:1 -- Conor Peter Brennan; Graham Drummond Smith. III -- Alexander Ewen Ellen; Haley Jane Whittall. Degree: Naheed Abbas.

with Education

II:1 -- Gillian Boyd; Susan Catherine Shaw. II:2 -- Pamela Elizabeth Robertson.

with Statistics

II:2 -- Rachel Ann MacGregor.

General Mathematics

Stuart William Fleming McDonald (Distinction); William Donald Turner (Distinction).

with Education

John Alexander Boath.

Applied Physics with

Semiconductor Electronics

I -- Andrew George Glendinning. II:2 -- John Kane; Adrian John McCallum.

Optoelectronics and

Laser Engineering

I -- Paul Ross; Kevin Simpson; Euan Christopher Smith. II:1 -- Jonathan Paul Creasey; Scott Stuart Freeborn. II:2 -- Christopher Paul Beauchamp; Christopher Davies; Allan James Frame; Derek Neil Hyslop; Axel Polensky; Edward James Ross Somer; Gary Winfield.

III -- Duncan Lonie; Stephen John McDonald; Steven Alexander McRoberts; Nigel John Watson.

With Honours: Ivan Stephen Warrender; Steven John Wilkinson. Degree: Holly Elizabeth Buchanan; Mark Dingwall.


I -- Michael Andrew Inglis; David James Thompson Porter. II:1 -- Andrew Robert Dear; David Charles Gentle; Grahame Oakland. II:2 -- Steven David Buchanan; Alan Crawford McGimpsey; Colin McIlraith; Benjamin Nicaudie; David G Nicholson; Jutta Swaeb; Shirley Ann Walsh.

III -- James Robert Bates; James Beattie; Stephen John McGinily; Iain Proudfoot. Degree: Magnus Scott Bruce; Linda May Hiddleston; Paul Alan Lowe; Scott David Wilkinson.

Physics with Computer Applications

I -- Ian Leslie Atkin; Riccardo Indro Tamisari. II:1 -- Christopher Bone; Allan Dunbar; John Whiteford David Gray; David George Luke. II:2 -- Alan James Niven. III -- Donal James Cunningham. Degree: Rupert James Wilson.

with Education

II:2 -- Melanie Mary Farmer; Steven Anthony Turner.

with Laser Science

I -- Noel Patrick Clarke; Stephen Alexander Dickson. II:1 -- Vassilios A Chouliaras; Lucinda Clare Wilkinson. II:2 -- James Rennie; Colin Grant Smith. III -- Eric Tak Sang Wong.




Caroline Jane Bristow; Patricia Margaret Gordon; Julia Jane Hilton; Elizabeth Mary Hobbs; Richard Wallace Puckrin; Elsa Vestmann Stefansdottir; Colin Robert Waddell; Jonathan Duncan Williams.



Robert Adams; Elizabeth A M Douglas; Reginald Robert William Hamilton; Paul Ninian Keir; Andrew Richard MacKenzie; Fergus McHardy; Natalie Reece Niblack; Paul Rooney.


Nancy Lynn Toolan; Gary John Webster.



I -- Morag Jean Edwards-McKinnon; Anna Sara Karin Mason; Sara Anne Ogilvie; Joanne Elizabeth Petty; Kenneth Russell Simpson; Katharine Clare Wilson.

II:1 -- Karen Anne Akester; Guy Edward Bishop; Evelyn Blackwood; Rachel Louise Ravenhill Brown; Caroline Dawson; Paul Gray; Jonathan Paul Harker; Laura Joan Hindmarch; Tara Louise Johnston; Louise Montgomery King; Shuji Kumagai; Adam Paul Larkum; Ian Lawson; Fiona Margaret McKenna; Maureen Lilian Monteath; Georgina Lyn Muir.

Amanda Oldroyd; Lucy Marie Pease; Carol Race; Marina Rosa Silcox; Paul Alexander Snodgrass; Andrea Jean Spencer; Philip Thomas McEwan Stewart; Mei Chan Wing; Judy Wai Yao Wong; Danielle Lisa Wood; Michelle Margaret Young-Hares.

II:2 -- Julie Louise Abrahams; Rachel Jane Adam; Jacqueline Beatrix Ambler; Aidan Anderson; Emma Louise Aylett; Neil Robert Inglis Bennett; Fiona Carolyn Beresford; Rachael Rosemary Brennan; Alison Claire Brown; Nicholas Hunter Brown; Stuart Richard Brown; Michael Sydney Bullen.

Fiona Marjory Colston; Victoria Jane Fellingham; Rosalind Joy Gordon; Melanie Gail Holden; Ian Craig Humphrey; Alexandra Louise Bernadette Johannsen; Anne Berit Karlsen; Nadia Scott Moncrieff; Katie Mary O'Hagan; Gillian Victoria Sherrard; Lynne Mary Smith; Julie Elizabeth Sutherland; David Tang; James Inglis Robertson Thorburn.

III -- Alan Ogilvie Braidwood; Colvin Cruickshank; Sheila Jane Scott Fisher; Paul Charles Laird; Fraser Alexander MacEwan; Angela Jean Massuch; Kiyoyuki Murakami; Helen Louise Murphy; Anne Irina Rasch-Morrison.


I -- Duncan Neil Ganley; Peter Anthony McGoldrick; Robert Ireland Montgomery; Elaine Buchanan Speirs; Louice Lilian Agnes Lusby Taylor; Colin David Wilson Vernall; Jane Fawns Watt.

II:1 -- Dean Andrew Bland; Eleanor Clare Crow; Esther Donaldson; Gwendolyn Katherine Fleming; Sarah Caroline Freeman; Jonathon Wilstenholme Gray; Russell Lewis Frederick Hart; Alison Julia Hay; Jacqueline Mackenzie; Susan Clare McMahon.

Helen Amanda Noyce; Victoria Isobel Pearson; Nerys Prosser; Sharon Ramsay; Andrew Robert Smith; Kate Smith; Delia Mary Surplice; James Sutherland; Margaret Anne Weddell.

II:2 -- David Alexander Binning. Trevor Lee Chamberlain; Laura Elizabeth Jane Ferguson; Aline Macleod; Morag Elizabeth McGregor; Mary McKay; Jennifer Melville; Justine Miles; Christy Johnston Mulvaney; David Robertson Ross; Lynne Sherwood; Laurence Peter Christie Taylor; Catherine Nkirote Trappes-Lomax; Amelia Anne Elizabeth White; Kenneth Stuart Wilson.

III -- Jacqueline Somerville; Sophie Charlotte Palmer Buchan Watt. Degree: Susan Jacqueline Sims.


II:1 -- Elaine Green; Leigh Sheridan Grieveson. II:2 -- Jacqueline Frances Kerr; Toby David Martin Smith.


I -- Paul Robert Carter; Keith Ford Farquhar; Tomas Sebastian Lewis. II:1 -- Michael John Fischer; Fiona Sara Keith; Susan Anne McCarthy. II:2 -- Joanna Mary Campbell; Joyce Changes; David William Giblin; Marguerite Helena Impey; Mark Bernard Mulholland; Polly Dorcas Thelwall.


I -- Jennifer Groat Hume; Akiko Tomikawa. II:1 -- Karen Anne Crane; Norna Hogarth; Elaine Wendy Jackson; Catriona Helen Jardine Brown; Jayne Savage. II:2 -- Michele Joanne Clark; Anna Catherine Roebuck; Jane Siddall. With Honours: Robbie Hayes.



Anna Macgillivray MacLeod, Emeritus Professor of Brewing, Heriot-Watt University, and president of the Institute of Brewing, 1970-72.


Ian Hamilton Finlay, poet and sculptor.


Iain Ross McGowan; Calum Duncan; Patrick John Finn; Bryan MacPherson; Andrew George Glendinning; Sara Anne Ogilvie; Duncan Neil Ganley.


Actuarial Science

With Distinction: Bruce Seppo Richard Auchinleck; Martin Haugh; Paul Stephen Lloyd; Neale Mooney; Brian Murray; Peter Ng; Richard Paul Priestley; Iain Mark Sands; David Stevenson; Simon Robert Ward; Mark Willder.

Actuarial Science

Colin Alexander; Stephen Bickers; John James Dickson; Emer Heron; Daniel Levin; Craig William Mather; Jayabalan Sabaratnam; Colin James Walmsley.

Brewing and Distilling

Baldur Karason; Joas Mutalubukwa Kashaigili; Paul Stephen Kitambi; Anton Mangion; Vitus Shaban Mhusi; Peter James Mosley; Gordon Motion; Peter Cege Nganga; Nicola Jane O'Neill; Steffen Rastede; Ichiro Yamaguchi.


David John Arrowsmith; Harriet Benson; Rachel Helen Bradley; Lorna Jane Brown; Iain James Childs; Marion Jane Hamilton; Emma Sarah Holt; Mark Shedden Hunston; Katharine Janette Haining Kennedy; Kirsten Lamb; Ifigenia Moraki; Grainne Morton; Helen Clare Muir; Cecilia Tan; Constance Lydia Trollope.


Siobhan Anna Dougherty; Julie Elizabeth McWhirter; Elizabeth Millar.


Dorothy Mathie.

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