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Using services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and YouTube are all in a day’s work for me. As Digital Account Manager at Scotland’s largest communications agency, the BIG Partnership, I've a passion for all things social media and spend my days advising some of the UK’s biggest brands on how to use these new channels to improve the way they interact with their customers.  In this blog, I'll filter out all the noise and jargon and explore the ways in which organisations and individuals are using digital media, to provide deeper insight and offer practical advice. I was recently awarded official ‘Girl Geek’ status after a leading marketing publication ranked me as one of the top 30 digital females in the UK under 30. Follow me on Twitter @suzi_fairbairn


  • It’s fair to say that the term 'media frenzy' is an understatement in this instance and the coverage was unavoidable whether you were interested in an update or not.

    I’m not going to lie, I did get quite excited about it all, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only person that begun following the official @ClarenceHouse Twitter account last Monday morning when I woke to the news that Kate had been taking into hospital in the early stages of labour.

  • I was going through the motions of this fairly mundane task earlier this week and had that horrible feeling you get when you realise that you’re never going to see that precious little piece of plastic ever again. Yup, you’ve guessed it; my bank machine was peckish and decided to chew on my debit card for dinner.

    So, there I am, left standing without my card (and my cash) with the imminent task of having to phone the good ole’ 0800 number to try and get it resolved.  

  • Vine, acquired by Twitter, allows you to capture and share short looping videos on your iPhone and iPod touch. It’s worth noting that the app is free and don’t fret Android users, there are rumours that an Android app is in the making, so watch this space!

    Launched at the end of January, Vine has already surpassed over 100,000 uploads, confirming that people like what they see – me being one of them.   

  • If you know me well, you’ll know I’m a fan of to do lists, checklists and planning out my entire day/week/month to a somewhat obsessive level, so much so, that I’ve most things arranged for my wedding in June 2014. Yes folks, that’s next year!

  • Thinking back, 2012 was an astonishing year, packed full with Twitter scandals, world records and ridiculously infectious virals which quite simply no one could predict.

  • With Facebook and Twitter being as prevalent as they are, it’s now that bit more important for businesses to get it right.

    As consumers we demand good customer service, and quite rightly so, especially nowadays with most of us feeling the pinch. We have somehow come to expect service providers to go that extra mile for us when we decide to part with our hard earned cash.

    A smile, polite manners, and even empathy when required, can go a long way. It cements what becomes the customer experience and determines what comments we pass onto others.

  • There’s been no shortage of drama when we cast our minds back to the acquisition of Instagram for a whopping $1 billion, the latest developments that have been rolled out across Timeline, OpenGraph and on mobile, and of course Facebook trading on the stock market - albeit it has been a pretty disappointing IPO performance so far!

    Mark Zuckerberg is set to have acquired one billion "friends" before the year is out, which is a phenomenal milestone when you think of what has been accomplished in the last 8 years.

  • From the outset of the opening ceremony, Danny Boyle acknowledged historical and cultural British memories, reliving each decade from the Industrial Revolution and the NHS right through to the eras of ska and rave.  And what a moment it was when Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, finally received personal gratitude for introducing us to the era of www dot.

    This, for me, demonstrated how influential the internet is in society today.

  • Inspired in part by SMS, Twitter has helped pave the way for people to get their point across in 140 characters or less. And by sticking to their guns with this set character restriction, it has proved itself more adaptable to a mobile experience with over 80% of UK users now accessing Twitter from their mobile phone.

    Smart phones have become a second skin for many of us these days, as we relentlessly scroll through our Twitter feed while on the go and at our desks for a daily (or sometimes hourly) ‘fix’ of updates from people that we follow.

  • She claimed that David Cameron used to sign his frequent text messages to her “LOL” which he took to mean “lots of love”. In fact the abbreviation is more commonly understood as “laugh out loud”.

    It’s surprising that the same three little letters have completely opposite connotations, making this blunder all the funnier.

    However, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all had a moment of asking ourselves what stands for what when it comes to modern-day acronyms and abbreviations.

  • Following a tweet last week asking fellow tech crunchers for their thoughts on Apple TV, it didn’t take much convincing for me to purchase the latest gadget and ensure I scheduled time on the sofa for the bank holiday weekend!

    It’s fair to say that my rather, erm, frequent use of my smartphone has led to what seems like a never-ending supply of pages storing all the weird and wonderful apps that come in handy when you need them most.

  • It struck me that the curriculum of the marketing course remains somewhat traditional, with a seeming reluctance to introduce a dedicated social media elective.

    It goes without saying however, that the course material would continually need revisited, which would be a strain on resources as it remains unknown as to how social media will evolve over the next few years.

  • It's not surprising to report that Google is the largest search engine provider with over 65% of the market and I'm certainly an advocate of their products, with my daily activities encompassing Chrome, Analytics, Gmail and YouTube.

    Google's latest attempt at a social network, Google+, promised to be "an extension of Google itself" and created a frenzy in the industry last year when it launched. 

  • Pinterest is social media's newest recruit and although it has kept a relatively low profile since its launch in March 2010, its recent success is making the likes of  Facebook, Twitter and Google+ stand up and take note.

    In simple terms, Pinterest allows its users to "pin" images they find online to virtual pinboards, allowing you to categorise and share your favourite things.

  • The discussions and debates sparked from these stories were amplified by the transparency of social networks. People are not only reading the news, but expressing their opinions to their community.

    Thanks to the array of "Like" buttons, comment boxes and sharing options becoming a common feature alongside articles, news is now spreading wider than it has done before. As penned by the author of Socialnomics, "word of mouth" truly has been replaced by "world of mouth".

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