Andrew Marr

Monday 17 March 2014

The exchanges on the Andrew Marr Show about an independent Scotland and membership of the EU were, at times, difficult to discern because of the time lag between the BBC studio and Alex Salmond's location and by the fact the two men talked over each other.

Sunday 16 March 2014

The SNP has called on the BBC to answer questions over its coverage of Scotland's EU membership after a presenter appeared to give a personal view on the matter.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

THE European Commission is "99.9%" behind the campaign to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom, according to its Spanish vice president.

Saturday 14 December 2013

HE is more used to fielding questions on fishing and farming in the Holyrood debating chamber, but a government minister has found himself being grilled by one of TV's toughest quiz masters.