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My life evolves around many things, but mostly around fashion and style. It’s an intoxicating business, filled with eccentric characters whose creativity and vitality permeates the world, our streets, our homes, and our lives. Fashion is irrational, extremely fickle, highly volatile, and by its nature extraordinarily unpredictable. This is why I love it so much. What do you think? Let me know. Comment on my Tessa Talking blogs, or follow me on Twitter @TessaHartmann


  • There’s an abundance of required skills to set up a new fashion brand, many of which the young guns lack, simply to due their naivety (we’ve all been there) and lack of commercial experience. However, when one comes along that possesses an exciting package, wrapped in significant commercial experience – it makes all the difference. Please welcome ‘Deetz’!

  • The luxury conglomerate has become a major investor in the brand with a 51 per cent stake.

    It’s the first time PPR has invested in a British designer brand since the acquisitions of Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen in 2001 through the Gucci Group.

  • When the invitation said ‘Dress warm casual chic’ they meant it. Thankfully I had arrived with a knee length vintage Chanel coat, boots and a fur coat, and one look at The Caledonian hotel lobby in Edinburgh and it was apparent the other guests got it too. I have never seen so many fur coats, oversized Chanel handbags and glamorous ladies in all my life! This was no ordinary queue forming for the chauffeurs to Linlithgow Palace; this was a show in itself.

  • Last week saw the announcement of the first Global Kids Fashion week, which will take place in London next March 2013! How utterly fabulous!

  • I must say, after almost eight years running the Scottish Fashion Awards you think you know quite a lot about the scene but it’s only when you judge an event like this do you realise the incredible wealth of talent there is from around the world.

    I'm not just talking designers; I am talking the entire scope of the industry and the teams involved to make things happen. From when a concept goes from sketchpad to production to store, there are literally loads of mini operating teams making it all happen at their end.

  • I won’t lie – I was gutted all those years ago when they announced that one of my most favourite stores was to open in Edinburgh and not Glasgow, so was the entire west coast fashion mafia! But alas, St. Andrew Square was to be the site for their 65,000 square ‘fashionable’ feet of space over five floors – can you imagine, the excitement was almost too much!

  • Not just because of King Karl, but because I think Gabrielle Chanel is one of the finest designers of our time, not to mention her inimitable daring manner for her generation.

    But alas, it was over to the King and Queen of Paris fashion this week at the opening Chanel's photographic exhibition dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld's latest book, “The Little Black Jacket: Chanel's classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld”.

  • The anticipation for spring /summer 2013 is quite frankly too much and we’re not even into our Bottega boots, Prada ponchos or Cavalli coats yet for winter!

    And by golly did the big guns out do themselves this season.  But the Miu Miu front row, or ‘frow’ as it’s called, just topped them all.

    When all eyes should have been on the catwalk, the Miu Miu celebrity guest list won the ‘Frow of the Week’ award with Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone and Dianne Agron drawing envious gasps from the audience.

  • Indeed Mira Nair’s ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’, a tendentious exploration of 9/11, premiered at one of the most glamorous festivals in the circuit.

    With only four out of seventeen directors having submitted films for the main competition, all vying for that covetable ‘Golden Lion’ prize, it would be great if it went to Nair.  She is one of only four women to have won the prize in 70 years, for 2001's 'Monsoon Wedding', joining Sofia Coppola in the ranks of past winners.

  • For starters, there is the magic of the ‘desert’ climate - well into the 90’s but yet totally manageable with a regular and very pleasant breeze - and by nightfall a cool air befalls the place.
    This is truly wonderful when planning a work wardrobe. It means that there is an abundance of wearable warm weather wardrobe choices with a nippy chill in the evening meaning the fitted cropped summer blazers and embellished cardigans can come out without you feeling the heat! Totally worth the overweight baggage charge I’ll tell you!

  • The only category in the Scottish Fashion Awards that is judged by a public vote is the ‘Scottish Fashion Icon’ category. It’s not enough to have the uber stylish Alexa Chung hosting the event, we feel it’s appropriate each year to crown one of our own extremely stylish Scottish personalities.

    It’s always the source of much controversy, which is wonderful really, as it prompts great online debate!

  • Added to that the king of the castle wearing tartan, and it doesn’t get much better.

    Set that event in the magnificent Chateau de Versailles in Paris, an enchanted garden surrounded by water fountains (not normally open to the public) seated tents reminiscent of those filled with courtiers during the reign of Louis XVI, and you have the Chanel Cruise Collections 2012/13.

    The show was attended by a host of Chanel lovers such as Karl’s long-time friend Vanessa Paradis and our very own Tilda Swinton.

  • The designer has called on the public to sign an e-petition to the oil company's chief executive Peter Voser.

    Her involvement follows claims from Amnesty that leaks and spills from Shell’s pipelines have devastated the livelihoods of millions of people in the region, impacting air quality and water and food supplies.

    "Shell make billions of pounds of profit each year. It is a profit that is being subsidised by the poverty and ill-health of the people of the Niger Delta," she said.

  • Tali Lennox, Emile Sande, Calvin Harris, Tammy Kane and Hollywood stars Gerard Butler and Tilda Swinton are among the nominees for ‘Scottish Fashion Icon 2012’.

  • I must admit, Mary’s magic continues to impress me on our TV screens. She just gets it, says it like it is and seems to be right on the money as far as fashion and retail go.

    I was lucky enough to be taken around by new General Manager Paul Mitchell before it opened. He was super familiar and then it dawned on me that this was the very man in the Mary’s first series who launched her Oxford Street site (you see there is always a Scot in there somewhere).

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