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I have worked for the Glasgow Herald since its launch on January 1, 1783 (it was a Wednesday). I covered the end of the American War of Independence using the exciting new communication, pigeon post. My career declined after I was disciplined for cooking the pigeon in a chocolate sauce.


  • David Cameron and Angela Merkel both want to freeze the budget. But I don't think there’s a freezer big enough.

    Most worrying is that chunks of the cash go missing. The European Court of Auditors reckons there is a 3.9% "error rate" which is a euphemism for the money being pauchled. Nearly five billion euros annually ends up "resting" in dodgy accounts.

    The Euro auditors, based in Luxembourg, are obviously not up to the job. The task should be moved to Glasgow and put in the hands of a team of hard-nosed Scottish accountants.

  • Academic Matt Qvortrup pops up regularly on TV news channels and even on these pages.

    Should we heed his words even though he is associated with the Centre for Policy Studies, a Thatcherite think tank? Then again his surname has a respectable Scrabble score of 22.

    Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, says nothing will be gained from breaking up the UK Union. He's a Belgian politician (with a surname Scrabble score of only 13) whose country had no government for years because the Flems and Walloons couldn't agree on any kind of union.

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