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I began my career at the Motherwell Times after graduating in journalism from Glasgow Caledonian University.  From there I went on to report on the daily goings-on at Glasgow Sheriff Court before joining The Herald in June 2011.  I continue to have an interest in crime and legal matters.


  • Andrew Wilbur, who has lived in Scotland for more than 14 years, and his wife Laura Francescangeli, will fly to Italy as he no longer meets the criteria to stay here because their household income in the past year did not reach £18,600.

    The couple have been married for six years and Mr Wilbur, 32, who recently completed a PhD in human geography from Glasgow University, had been approached about the possibility of  a temporary teaching job at the university.

  • In a speech to students and financial industry figures at the London School of Economics, Stephen Hester rejected the view that a company's sole objective was to make profits and attacked the "scandal" of poor customer service.

    The head of the part-nationalised Edinburgh institution, which he described as a "poster child for what went wrong in banking", said banking customer care had fallen behind that offered by supermarkets and said financial institutions must be aware of their impact on society.

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