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I began my career at the Motherwell Times after graduating in journalism from Glasgow Caledonian University.  From there I went on to report on the daily goings-on at Glasgow Sheriff Court before joining The Herald in June 2011.  I continue to have an interest in crime and legal matters.


  • Wind speeds exceeded those of the last big storm on December 8, with gusts of 102mph recorded on Edinburgh's Blackford hill, 91mph in Glasgow and 97mph in Islay.

    Thankfully, the festive holiday ensured many people were inside their homes and not heading to work when the worst of the winds struck before dawn and around breakfast time.

    But few areas across central parts of the country were spared damage to homes and property.

    Strathclyde Fire and Rescue received 572 calls between midnight and 1pm and attended a total of 488 incidents.

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