Glasgow’s 100 Best Restaurants, an exciting new book introducing the city’s top food places, published on 27th November. The follow up to last year’s successful launch of The Glasgow and West Coast Cook Book, the 100 Best will lead readers to the right restaurants across the city in 2020.

The Herald is partnering with the Glasgowist website to introduce the new book ahead of Christmas as a celebration of food and drink stories across the Scotland's largest city. You can order a copy online here and have it delivered to your door.

100 Best Restaurants is a distillation of local knowledge, based on four years of constant research by Glasgowist's editor Paul Trainer, combined with public votes, plus opinions from food writers and figures in the local hospitality industry. The book has you covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner and chips on the way home

Order today and you will be introduced to the top restaurants in Glasgow right now, the best dishes to order around the city, alongside leading cafes, bistros, craft beer pubs, cocktail bars and hotels.

You can pre-order the book for £12.95+PP here. Buy the book and it will be posted to you in plenty of time to be a fantastic local Christmas present or your own personal restaurant tick-list for 2020.

Life's too short for disappointing dinners, find the restaurants that deserve your immediate attention and become an expert in the local food scene.