Kevin Henderson, Olav Luksengard Mjelva & Anders Hall

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

(Etnisk Musikklubb)

Those who know Shetlander Kevin Henderson's work with Fiddlers' Bid will not be surprised that he's found two partners in his adopted Scandinavian home whose fiddling blends with his own like beautifully judged voices. Olav Luksengard Mjelva and Anders Hall bring, respectively, Hardanger and octave fiddles plus standard fiddle and viola to the trio's armoury, and the result is not just the singing quality they achieve but a rich group sound that suggests occasional bassoon and harmonium on tunes that are by turns fleet fingered, atmospheric, gracefully keening and gleefully conspiratorial. It's high class all the way but the boogie-woogie and ragtime-like flavours of Hall's plattgympa (a type of polka) for a friend's 27th birthday stand out as a particularly apt link to Midnight On The Water's American spiritualism. The laughter that follows Henderson's tribute to fellow Shetlander Jenna Reid confirms that, as well as playing with consummate skill, these guys are having way too much fun.

Rob Adams