I had hoped to be able to write that this disc of orchestral compositions by the movie knight was the sort of suppertime soundtrack best enjoyed with a side order of fava beans and nice Chianti, but that would be more dismissive than it deserves.

Without naming names, there are writers of music with successful careers whose work is less interesting and varied than this selection of Sir Anthony's.

In July of last year the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra held a short Festival of Film Music, the culmination of which was a concert where Hopkins introduced his own music and selections from films in which he has appeared. This is a live recording of his works from that gig, the orchestra under the baton of CBSO associate conductor Michael Seal. A couple of pieces are from films he directed, including the final movement of a suite, 1947, that closes the disc, and one named for his wife, Stella, while a charming waltz is arranged by contemporary waltz king, Andre Rieu. He'll remain better known for being Hannibal Lecter, but Hopkins's music is also worthy of attention.