Carancho (15)


Dir: Pablo Trapero

With: Ricardo Darin, Martina Gusman

Running time: 107 minutes

THE presence in any film of Ricardo Darin, star of the political drama The Secret in Their Eyes, is usually a mark of quality, and so it is with this Argentinian noir. Darin plays Sosa, a seen-it-all, ambulance- chasing lawyer who befriends a young hospital doctor (Martina Gusman). Pablo Trapero carefully constructs his tale of low-level corruption linked to high places then allows Darin and Gusman to let rip, with memorable consequences.

Tomorrow-March 8, Glasgow Film Theatre; March 13, Cameo, Edinburgh.

Wanderlust (15)


Dir: David Wain

With: Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd

Running time: 98 minutes

JENNIFER Aniston continues her mission to star in every lacklustre comedy going with this woeful effort. George and Linda (Aniston and Paul Rudd) are married New Yorkers living in a "micro loft". Given the chance to leave the rodent race for a commune, will they find happiness there? You certainly won't find laughs in David Wain's cliché-riddled caper, particularly in Rudd's cringeworthy scenes. But hey, Aniston looks cute in very short denim shorts and a poncho.

Khodorkovsky (12A)


Dir: Cyril Tuschi

Running time: 116 minutes

AS Russia trudges to the polls, a fascinating glimpse at Putin's Russia and those who made it. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once one of the richest men in the country, now calls a Siberian prison home. Was he a democratic hero who pushed Putin too far, or is he being justly punished for getting too rich too quickly at the expense of the Russian people? Cyril Tuschi's documentary sets out both sides, using news footage and animated sequences to lighten the mix. An astonishing tale told with flair.

March 6, Cameo, Edinburgh.

Starship Troopers (15)


Dir: Paul Verhoeven

With: Denise Richards, Casper Van Dien

Running time: 129 minutes

COMEDIAN Frankie Boyle once lost his heart to this 1997 science fiction caper and now wants to share its wonders with you in a special screening at the Glasgow Film Theatre. There are giant bugs, fascist invaders, good, evil, and galloping nonsense the likes of which director Paul Verhoeven (Showgirls, Basic Instinct) has sometimes specialised in. There's also a Q&A with Boyle, chaired by Mark Millar, before the screening.

Sunday, March 4, 19.30, GFT.