Delicacy (12A)


Dirs: David and Stephane Foenkinos

With: Audrey Tautou, Francois Damiens

Running time: 109 minutes

FRANCE'S Audrey Tautou does light and beguiling so well she doesn't often get the chance to show her acting chops in heavier material. That loss is remedied here in David and Stephane Foenkinos's tale of love lost. Not that Delicacy is too heavy – there is plenty of gentle comedy here as well for the Tautou fan club.

The Amelie and Beautiful Lies star plays Nathalie, who is blissfully married to Francois as the film opens. Believing that they have all the time in the world to be happy, she is devastated when fate has other ideas. Delicacy takes its cue from the title, being a dainty, floaty affair full of gentle moments.

Tautou, as ever, is all Bambi eyes and Gallic style personified, but she also shows herself to have real depth and presence in the harder edged scenes. An unashamed heartstrings tugger from the Foenkinos brothers, which may be too sweet and twee for some tastes, but Tautou's performance, and some nicely done silliness about the madness of love, will win many over by the end.

Filmhouse, Edinburgh, from tomorrow-May 3

Battleship (12A)


Dir: Peter Berg

With: Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson

Running time: 131 minutes

IF you thought nothing could beat Transformers for sheer, eardrum popping sound and furious action, meet its seafaring sibling. Based on the game of the same name, but bearing not a jot of resemblance in that one is a quiet, pen and paper affair and the other is a $200 million action fest that will have cinema speakers bouncing off the walls.

Liam Neeson does his best to lend some gravitas as a Navy commander in charge of saving the day, while the silly stuff is largely left to Taylor Kitsch (seen recently in John Carter) as a maverick officer who has one last chance to shape up or ship out.

Making her acting debut is Rihanna, inset, playing a weapons specialist. If being a weapons specialist involves spraying everything in sight with bullets, give that woman an Oscar. Berg keeps the action coming and his tongue firmly in his cheek. The summer blockbuster season starts here.