Despite the best efforts of Glasgow Life to reduce this great venue to a miserable remand centre, Team Emeli Sande lifted the evening with slick professionalism on all fronts, and her lighting and sound technicians should be first to take a bow.

Sadly neither support act, the cheery singalong of Seye, nor Mancunian soul boy Daley, had the same expertise at their command. But alongside Sande, they did make for a night of striking hair-dos.

Apart from a new song, Wonder, destined to appear as the first single from her producer Shahid "Naughty Boy" Khan, in the summer, the set was a re-ordered play-though of the Our Version of Events album, and had the same flaws. When Sande's songwriting is good, it is very good indeed. Daddy was a storming opener and Next To Me a glorious, if predictable, encore. The next single My Kind Of Love also has "hit" written all over it, and there has to be a good chance that the USA will take to her when the album is released there at the start of June.

It does, however, have its share of fillers among the tracks, and, to my hears, rather too many down-tempo ones, an accusation that might have been levelled at everything in this evening. If you had hoped to shake a tail-feather, you went home disappointed.

Sande's band, a compact quartet plus two backing singers, is very fine indeed, however, and capable of flicking that invisible switch that sends a power ballad exhilaratingly into overdrive. And Sande herself is a beguiling mix of sincerity and the slightly mannered. Some spontaneity would not go amiss, and will surely come.