The Leg

An Eagle To Saturn

(Song, By Toad)

What do Edinburgh's musical dadaists have at their disposal today? An excess of energy and intelligence, a bit of banjo, some menancing cello, angular gypsy fiddle and enough repeated phrases to scare Mark E Smith into submission. What do they do with this? Throw it all into a sack, shake it up, kick it a bit then pour it out to make their best, most coherent, most accessible record yet.

The Son(s)


(Olive Grove)

This six-track EP from one of the Scottish music scene's most enigmatic and elusive characters is more immediate than last year's self-titled album. Opening track Roaring Round The House could be the croaky voice of Robert Wyatt placed centre stage in a Brian Wilson arrangement; Shot Out A Cannon has something of the languid grace of The Beta Band; and If I Hear You Talk About Apostrophes Again conjures up a glam-rock stomp for those who found that earlier release a little too laidback. The man remains a mystery, but his music is increasingly easy to grasp.

Scott McWatt

Jekyll & Hyde


The fact that Frank Turner has gone from playing dives to headlining Wembley Arena must give hope to former Lost City Lights frontman Scott McWatt. He too is styled a "folk-punk singer-songwriter", and this debut album of 10 fiery songs inspired by personal experiences and a significant break-up has a musical bite in every bar and a defiant bark in every vocal. Current single Take Me Home barely bottles its west-coast aggression and best gets the balance right between the foregrounding of McWatt's voice and the backing band arrangements.

Alan Morrison