Tower Block (15)


Dirs: James Nunn, Ronnie Thompson

With: Jack O'Connell, Sheridan Smith

Runtime: 90 minutes

FOLLOWING on from the surprise hit that was Attack The Block comes another low-budget but highly impressive British urban thriller. Young acting talent Sheridan Smith (Gavin & Stacey), Jack O'Connell (Skins) and Russell Tovey (Being Human) are among the soon-to-be-rehoused residents of a condemned tower block that is being targeted by a well-prepared foe.

With shades of Assault On Precinct 13, directors James Nunn and Ronnie Thompson's picture keeps the action coming at a grand lick. The dialogue creaks, but there is no denying the sheer effort being poured into keeping things interesting.

Savages (15)


Dir: Oliver Stone

With: Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively

Runtime: 130mins

WHILE Savages marks a welcome return to the type of territory Oliver Stone previously navigated with Natural Born Killers and U-Turn, it also shows just how much the director has lost his edge. As much a commentary on the war on drugs as it is a pulpy crime thriller based on a best-seller by Don Winslow, the film lacks any real punch despite a heavyweight supporting cast and some wince-inducing violence.

Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch play Californian marijuana dealers who battle a Mexican drug cartel (led by Salma Hayek) when their shared girlfriend (Blake Lively) is kidnapped and held to ransom. But if some of its elements entertain, especially Benicio Del Toro's ruthless enforcer and John Travolta's corrupt cop, pictured, Lively's narrator is bland to the point of irritating. Overall, fails to realise its potential. Reviewed by Rob Carnevale

Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live In Budapest '86 (12A)


Dir: Janos Zsombolyai

Runtime: 115 minutes

CONCERT movies truly are the new rock'n'roll, judging by how many are now being re-released.

Here, the miracle of film brings Freddie the showman back to sing Bohemian Rhapsody, I Want To Break Free, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and several songs that only true fans will recognise. As a bonus, there is a documentary leading on from the band's appearance at Live Aid in 1985. They will rock you.

Tonight, 8pm, Cineworld, Renfrew Street.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark R/I (PG)


Dir: Steven Spielberg

With: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen

Runtime: 115 minutes

SPECIALLY spruced up for a one-week-only release in Imax cinemas, Spielberg's four Oscar-winning actioner roars back into town. Yes, Indy's search for the Ark of the Covenant has had more reruns on the box than a certain goal from 1966, but it should be a sight to see and hear in big-screen, high- intensity Imax. One for all ages.

Odeon, Braehead, and Cineworld, Edinburgh.