By their own admission, Kid Canaveral have improved somewhat from their early days as a student band in St Andrews.

But don't just take their word for it: listen to the maturity of the songwriting that's evident here on their second album, the way the jingles still jangle as they did on effervescent debut Shouting At Wildlife, but now with added heft to the guitar parts and a richer complexity to the arrangements.

Two cases in point: the brittle electro textures of Skeletons and the amplifier overdrive of A Compromise. Both feature great tunes that invite the listener to the party, leaving no doubt that they're part of the Kid Canaveral canon; but both also open doors to musical rooms beyond the band's indie-pop home turf and so make Now That You Are A Dancer a landmark release for the genre-expanding Fence Records.

Although emotional shadows and a sharpness of tongue reside in the lyrics, there's just too much of a sparkle to the melodies and nerve-tingling rush to the rhythms for these songs to do anything but soar. A great singles band just became a great albums band.