Catriona Stewart's verdict: two stars

Like a cave, damp even in this heat, the King Tuts Tent has done few favours for several of this weekend's acts.

Azealia Banks, however, could have made a win from from the dank, blue big top tent. Her music is more night time, nightclub music than out in the sun, lounging on the grass with cider music.

At the front of the Radio One stage there's a hard core crew, fists pumping, bodies jerking. Further back and around, people are looking on disinterested or baffled as they wait for 212 to be played.

All attitude, she's dressed like a luminous yellow and turquoise Power Ranger, raised on bright pink boots. Indoors she would be stellar, spitting and kicking through ATM Jam, Harlem Shake with it's Born Slippy sample and Luxury.

Luxury, in fact, is played in front of a backdrop showing New York at night time, the illuminated after dark city scape giving a hint of what Azealia's music is for - working out frustrations in sweaty nightclubs in the wee, small hours.

The 22-year-old works the stage and she works it hard but the sunshine is an unhappy support act, undermining the grit of her attitude-heavy lyrics.

Finally, the opening bars of 212 stream out and this is what everyone's waiting for. People start running from other parts of the arena to catch a little three-minute, hot and hard song.

There's dancing, at last, and a little bit of 2am nightclub on a bright, bright summer day.