As Celtic Connections has relaxed its original identity as ?¨a folk festival, several Scottish bands of more indie, pop or ?¨rock leanings have found space on its fringes. Mogwai's headline gig in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - only a couple of days after they scored their first Top 10 album with the recently released Rave Tapes - arguably marked the most prominent incursion yet of this type of music into the festival's main programme without having to make any concession to a folk element in the set list.

Let's not forget, however, that Mogwai are well used to ?¨playing the concert halls of the world; it's only now, perhaps, ?¨that the emotional complexity and technical art of their music is being properly appreciated beyond the realms of fandom on home turf.

There were certainly elements of the Celtic Connections crowd who were Mogwai virgins (they're the ones who had to be peeled off the Concert Hall roof after the sonic jump-cut during set closer Mogwai Fear Satan) and it is debatable if noise levels had ever reached such peaks in ?¨this venue before. What a joy to hear - and feel - the power of this music through such a magnificent PA system.