Philharmonic of Wit

Philharmonic of Wit


Brian Donnelly

THE dry, cheeky, wry sense of humour is as wicked as Scotland's.

So the way this Polish orchestra leader gently undermines his quite beautiful soprano and entirely bald tenor is so familiar, it is astonishing this is their first time at the Fringe.

Highly accomplished musicians perform note-perfectly, but you almost don't notice it in the sweep of the overall show, and no, not just because the line-up of female string players is easy on the eye.

The programme is an easily digested but well-seasoned soup of music we all know: Bach, Beethoven and Real 2 Real. All are given great performances.

The Philharmonic of Wit has been created by director Jacek Kecik, with pianist and compere Waldemar Malicki and conductor Bernard Chmielarz, who said he limbered up by working out at the gym - once.​ He also steals the show with his conductor's solo.

The East European cabaret was in the US recently - its first time abroad - but this production seems destined for international success after this Fringe showcase.

The Philharmonic of Wit runs through to the end of the Fringe (nightly until August 24, no show on August 21) and has the look of a phenomenon that will become an annual favourite.