Not long ago, "spam" in a comedy context meant singing a Monty Python song.

James Veitch has constructed a whole hour of topically brilliant comedy out of spam - not the pink meaty stuff but the emails that clog up our inboxes on a daily basis, promising untold wealth if we'll only wire some of our own cash up front. Veitch's email exchanges with the scammers, as he wins them in and winds them up with matey bonhomie and ever-more inventive requests for personal details, are tears-down-the-face funny. It helps that he's a bit of a wiz with Photoshop and setting up fake websites of his own, as this adds a visual element to his stage show and strengthens the credibility of his counter-scams. He strikes a nice note, too, of early internet nostalgia with a video montage that, for some in the audience, will be like seeing our online life flash before our eyes.