Nicki Minaj - her of broken zip fame at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards - has just been announced as the host of this year's EMAs held in Glasgow this November, writes Anne Devlin

From Madonna kissing Britney to Miley Cyrus twerking with Robin Thicke, every year of Europe's answer to the VMAs makes the headlines. This year was all about Beyoncé being a feminist (and Ms Minaj's wardrobe malfunction).

But just like the VMAs, the EMAs are not shy to controversy. Here are just ten of the most shocking moments from the awards show's history:

1 Bono, 1995

The EMAs have often been the stage for political activism from celebrities and 1995 was no exception. With the French testing nuclear weapons in the South Pacific at the time, several celebrities saw the Paris stage as their chance to speak out. Bono famously stated 'What a city, what a night, what a crowd, what a bomb, what a mistake, what a w**ker you have for a President' to the Parisian crowd. 

2 The Spice Girls, 2000

The 2000 EMAs saw the last Spice Girls performance before their December split that year. Performing as a four piece due to Geri Halliwell walking out of the group the year before, the EMAs put the Spice Girls on centre stage for one last time... until the reunion shows. 

3 Damon Albarn, 2001 

In 2001, the EMAs were host to political statements as the awards show was the first large scale entertainment night on TV since the September 11 attacks. Upon winning Best Song and Best Dance with Gorillaz, Damon Albarn walked on stage wearing a t-shirt supporting the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. He then went on to say "F**k the music. Listen, see this symbol here, this is the symbol for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Bombing one of the poorest countries in the world is wrong. You've got a voice and you have got to do what you can about it, alright?" in relation to the invasion of Afghanistan. 

4 P. Diddy, 2002

Any MTV awards show isn't complete without some reference to nudity but 2002 took it to another level. Host P.Diddy offered a diamond-encrusted ring to the first woman to get to the stage naked. Before he could even finish his sentence one woman did just that, undressing before the Barcelona crowd. Unsurprisingly, she got the ring. 

5 Christina and Kelly, 2003 

Celebrities are known for their bitter rivalries so awards shows can bring out the worst in their petty feuds. Things escalated for enemies Christina Aguilera and Kelly Osborne in 2003 when Aguilera refused to walk the red carpet if Osborne was present. Osborne's response was equally mature, branding Aguilera's music 'crap' and calling her a 'cow'. The niceties continued during the event when a skit of Aguilera aired of her throwing darts at a picture of Osborne who then proceeded to respond on stage later on by saying Aguilera was a "really sad, sorry person."

6 Kanye West in 2006

Kanye West has become synonymous with uninvited appearances on the stage. He famously crashed Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs. However Mr West has a history of these rants: at the 2006 EMAs, despite winning Best Hip-Hop, West was so annoyed that Justice v Simian's "We Are Friends" won Best Video, he did the only logical thing for Kanye West and took to the stage ranting that his video for "Touch the Sky" "cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. I was jumping across canyons." Poor Kanye. 

7 Borat in 2005 

The 2005 awards show saw a lot of onstage controversy including Sacha Baron Cohen turning up as his infamous comedy character Borat. Referring to Madonna's adoption of an African child, Borat stated "My only concern is that this singing transvestite will not be such a good father."

8 Rick Astley, 2008

n 2008 the general public were given the opportunity to vote for the Best Act Ever in music. Did they take it seriously? No. After an online campaign to orchestrate votes, the likes of The Beatles and U2 were beaten by none other than Rick Astley, known for his 80s hit "Never Gonna Give You Up". The best thing was that he didn't even turn up. 

9 Red Foo, 2013

In 2013 presenter RedFoo, from the music act LMFAO, took the trends of stripping to your underwear seriously when he stripped down onstage to nothing but his silver speedos. Luckily for the front row, he didn't twerk.

10 Miley Cyrus, 2013

No one is ever surprised when Miley Cyrus makes the headlines these days and 2013 was no exception. Fresh from her infamous VMA twerking experience, the "Wrecking Ball" performer took to the Amsterdam stage to light a suspicious looking cigarette while accepting her award. However, it's almost certain that the Dutch were unfazed by the apparent controversy.