Begat is not a word you see much outside of the Bible.

If you apply it to the Scottish indie rock scene, however, then Biffy Clyro begat Twin Atlantic, and Twin Atlantic begat Daydream Frenzy (with rather a lot of illegitimate sons along the way). The musical bloodline only stays strong when the next generation has something worthwhile of its own to add and Daydream Frenzy - who ally Twin's melodic sense with Biffy's hefty structures - push the formula in all sorts of directions on this eight-track debut. The Way You Are Now is founded on an old-school, heads-down rock riff that's carried off with a sexy young 21st-century swagger, while instrumental Reverie uses mathrock elements to extend beyond genre boundaries, Wandering Man shimmers brightly on its acoustic pop surface and Destinations (as good a rock tune as I've heard in ages) brings things to a fist-pumping close. At 27 minutes long, Pride & Wonder feels like a calling card from the next big thing; every single song is an absolute belter.

Alan Morrison