Fringe Dance


New Town Theatre

Keith Bruce

Four stars

There are three schools of classical Kathak dance and the number three runs unmistakably through dancer and choreographer Amina Khayyam’s wordless adaptation of Lorca’s story of a woman tormented by the childlessness of her marriage and the social stigma attached to that.

Khayyam herself dances the title role, supported by Lucy Teed and Jane Chan in all the other roles of sisters, husband and the other members of the community. While the movement vocabulary is drawn consistently from the ancient technique from the Indian subcontinent, Khayyam melds it with more contemporary dance as the trio interact in ways that bring to mind the classical statuary of the Three Graces and Macbeth’s witches from Shakespeare.

Behind them sit a trio of musicians, vocalist Lucy Rahman, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland-trained cellist Alastair Morgan, and Debasish Mukherjee, a virtuoso of the tabla, whose astonishing playing is worth the ticket price alone. The score he has composed with Tarun Jasani and Khayyam for the production is a crucial element of the clarity of the narrative.

The highest production values are in evidence throughout, with fine lighting design by Stuart Walton and beautifully tailored costuming for the three performers.

Runs to August 30