Ireland is one of the superpowers of comedy. I’ve found three acts to keep them at the top for the next generation as well.

I was filled with jealousy at the sound of Al Porter. This man is one of the most talked about acts at this year’s Fringe and, after great success in Ireland, has been signed by Off The Kerb (agents to Michael McIntyre, Lee Evans, Dara O’Briain et al) for his UK work. He’s a camp comic like me.

He’s high energy like me. He’s brilliantly funny like me. Shut up it’s my column - I can write what I like!

He’s only 22 but there’s something very special here. He’s got the presence of one who’s been onstage his whole life and the show was funny and silly from start to finish. And he’s only 22! If he’s not one of the biggest things on British TV in ten years time then I’ll run naked through the streets of Edinburgh. You wouldn’t want to see that but you will want to see Al Porter.

Al Porter will perform Al Porter Is Yours at the Gilded Balloon on August 21-30.

Caimh McDonnell’s show ‘Bride and Prejudice’ is a great find. This is the sort of Free Fringe show that puts many an expensively ticketed big venue comedian to shame. It’s hilarious from the word go. It’s the story of Irishman Caimh’s marriage to Elaine, his English wife of Ghanaian descent.

From the account of his Dad’s panicky attempts to not be racist to the clash of Irish Catholic and Ghanaian Baptist culture in the church service, this is a show that should not be missed and deserves a long life outside the Fringe. I’ve not seen anyone else review Caimh at this year’s festival. Comedy journos should hang their heads in shame.

Caimh McDonnell will perform Bride and Prejudice at Cabaret Voltaire on August 21-29.

Nick Doody is English. His family’s from Drogheda so I’ve included him in my Irish themed week because he’s too good to leave out. Doody is also at the Free Fringe yet is a very accomplished writer and stand-up with one of the biggest brains in the business. His show is a marvellous rambling romp around his head. He’ll take regular comedy topics like politics, marriage and family and put a whole new spin on them. If you want to hear the last general election compared to being treated for a jellyfish sting, then this is the show to see. Very clever but never condescending and always accessible.

Nick Doody will perform T'ai-Po at Canons' Gait on August 21-23 and 25-29.

These three all deserve to be massive in the future. If they’re not then don’t be surprised if you’re walking down Princes Street in ten years time and a wobbly naked screaming Englishman sprints past you.

Hal Cruttenden will perform Straight Outtta Cruttenden at Pleasance Courtyard on August 21-30.