Belle & Sebastian - The Adventure Continues (PG)

Four stars

Dir: Christian Duguay

With: Felix Bossuet, Tcheky Karyo

Runtime: 97 minutes

THE Belle and Seb of the title refers not to the Scottish hipster band but to a French boy and his big shaggy dog.

Those of a certain vintage will remember the set up from school holiday television, and I’m pleased to report not much has changed in this modern remake. The hound is still a hero, the kid continues to be cute, and the Alps setting remains Sound of Music awesome.

As Christian Duguay’s family drama opens the Second World War has just ended and Sebastian, Belle and Cesar are awaiting the return of their beloved Angelina who has been fighting for the French Resistance. But disaster soon strikes - didn’t it always - and the trio are forced to call on a local fly boy (yes, he is a pilot) for help. Can all concerned pull together to save the day, and who exactly is the dashing but spectacularly grumpy airman?

There is some fine acting from Felix Bossuet as the boy forced to grow up fast, and Belle the dog, who looks like a polar bear with a tale, is loveable and brave and kind. There are a fair few films out this Christmas competing for your buck, but if you are looking for something a bit different, and all your little cinemagoers can read subtitles, then this genuinely exciting and moving adventure is for you.

Glasgow Film Theatre, December 23-24