Ed Gamble talks about his new show Stampede.

1 Tell us about your Fringe show

This is my third solo stand-up show at the fringe and I have finally decided that I will be tackling the issues. Whether the general public and I agree on what the issues actually are remains to be seen. Regardless, I shall be tackling them.

2 Best thing about the Fringe?

Seeing friends, making friends, watching the show Friends.

3 Worst thing about the Fringe?

Being tired and realising your work ethic entails an hour of graft a day followed by full mental collapse. Pathetic.

4 How many years have you been coming to the Fringe?

This is my 11th year performing for the full month. Yikes.

5 Favourite Fringe venue?

I loved the room I was in last year, Canons Gait, but I am super pumped to be in the Counting House Ballroom this year. That’s right, super pumped.

6 Best Fringe memory?

When I was in a sketch group, we flyered Sean Connery, he didn’t come.

7 Best heckle?

None of them as of yet. They are never funny or helpful. Hopefully this year I might get one that is pleasant or character building like “reach for the stars Ed, and by the way, those are some nice jeans you have on!”

8 Craziest on stage experience?

I used to do a story about having a job interview with Tim Westwood. I was doing it onstage at a freshers gig in Glasgow and unbeknownst to me Tim Westwood was playing later in the room downstairs. I got halfway through the story and he walked onstage and said “you’re fired.” I had never been hired so this logically made no sense but I didn’t say anything.

9 What’s on your rider?

If I could demand such things it would be dry roasted peanuts, red wine and water. As it is, I am happy to get the water.

10 How do you wind down after a show?

Red wine and dry roasted peanuts.

11 What do you love about Scotland?

The audiences, the attitude and the genuine sense of pride. And if that sounds a little pandering and like an attempt to suck up, then you are correct. Please come and see my show.

12 What do you like about Edinburgh?

It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it’s a pleasure to have it as my home for a month a year. Also, the amount of hills means my calves are truly scrumptious come September.

13 What’s the most Scottish thing you’ve done?

Anything I say will sound racist now won’t it? Er, saved an orphan from a burning bus? Because only a truly brave Scottish person would do that.

14 What kind of jokes do a Scottish crowd seem to respond to?

Good ones, same as English people. Sorry guys, we’re all the same deep down.

15 Favourite joke?

Go and see Tom Neenan’s show, they’re all in that.

16 Favourite Scottish food/drink?

Diet Irn Bru (I’m type 1 diabetic, not a heathen) and haggis (not diet haggis).

Ed Gamble will perform Stampede at the Gilded Balloon Counting House until August 29.