The Boss Baby (U)

Four stars

Dir: Tom McGrath

Voices: Miles Christopher Bakshi, Alec Baldwin ,Steve Buscemi

Runtime: 97 minutes

NOT only was Alec Baldwin born to play Trump, he is also a pretty perfect fit for a demanding baby (who’d have thought?). The 30 Rock star voices the central character in Tom McGrath’s rollicking animated comedy about a demanding little visitor who takes mum and dad’s attention away from big brother Tim (Miles Christopher Bakshi). This is no ordinary ankle biter, however: this one has a mission to defeat a rival CEO (Steve Buscemi), and Tim might be able to help. Gorgeously animated in typically pin-sharp DreamWorks style, McGrath (Madagascar) keeps the laughs coming, with jokes that should appeal across the age range. Also contains puppies.

Table 19 (12A)

Two stars

Dir: Jeffrey Blitz

With: Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow

Runtime: 87 minutes

THE writers of this comedy are brothers Jay and Mark Duplass, one-time pioneers of the hip, left-field, “mumblecore” style of indie moviemaking. Think beards and Birkenstocks. Everything moves to the mainstream eventually, and this wedding-set piece is graced with Anna Kendrick no less as a maid of honour whose split from the bride’s brother sees her busted down to the table of the title. Everyone on Table 19, close to the toilets, natch, has been categorised as a loser, but put them together and what sparks might fly? Not many is the answer. Some nice touches and a welcome determination to do the rom-com thing differently, but the laughs just aren’t there.