47 Metres Down (15)

Two stars

Dir: Johannes Roberts

With : Mandy Moore, Claire Holt,

Runtime: 87 minutes

JOHANNES Roberts’ picture begins in time-honoured disaster movie fashion with someone remarking what a fabulous time they are about to have on holiday. Before you can say lucky white heather, sisters Lisa and Kate (Mandy Moore, the mum from This is Us, and Claire Holt) are on a rust bucket boat, about to be lowered into the ocean in a rickety cage to watch sharks. What could possibly go wrong? It is more tedious than terrifying to watch folk taking obviously daft decisions, and for a shark movie there is not nearly enough jaws action. Still, as a movie calling card for Moore, this by-the-numbers adventure will probably do.

City of Ghosts (18)

Four stars

Dir: Matthew Heineman

Runtime: 92 minutes

“YOU’RE so serious my friend,” says a photographer to her subject at the glitzy International Press Freedom Awards in New York. Little wonder, given the reporter works for Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, a group being honoured for its covert work exposing the horrors of life under Isis. Documentary maker Matthew Heineman tells the story of the activists turned journalists from their beginnings in Syria to exile in Turkey and Germany. Though having to move from one safe house to another, and living under constant threat of death, their determination to continue getting the story out is humbling. A shocking and timely reminder of Syria’s suffering, too much of it unseen.

GFT July 31-August 3