Concentus: Lizzie Farey and Antoine Leperlier

The Scottish Gallery, 16 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, 0131 558 1200

Until Sept 30, Mon–Fri, 10am–6pm; Sat, 10am–4pm

CONCENTUS is, Scottish Gallery Director Christina Jansen tells me, a very apt title for this exhibition of two artists whose work may not seem a natural fit on the page – the one being a glass artist, the other a willow artist – but in reality is very much “in harmony”.

It was Farey who thought of the name, the title being also that of one of her fine willow wall works, some intermeshed and woven, a hint of a meadow, the suggestion of landscape, a bird, a sun, perhaps. The works have an otherworldly quality to them, as Janssen points out, as far removed from basketweaving in its most prosaic and practical form as one could imagine. Willow has a human aspect, Jansen tells me. Wall works like these, she points out, “look like they have always been there.”

Placed on plinths in between is the stunning work of French glass artist Antoine Leperlier, whom Janssen met last year when Northlands Glass celebrated its 20th anniversary. Working in porcelain and hand cast glass, Leperlier fuses the two in sculptural works that look, despite the impressive technical feat in incorporating ceramic and glass – with their entirely opposing physical properties – “like ink dropped in water,” as Janssen puts it.

The two, combined, carefully placed, are complementary – they do not jar with each other, as Farey noted, “yet nor are they sitting separately,” says Janssen. Both evocative, lovely, deceptively simple.