Brian Beacom

Pure raging

THE CITIZENS’ Theatre in Glasgow kicks off the new season of 2018 with the Company Of Wolves production of Achilles.

Achilles tells the story of the greatest hero of the Greeks during the Trojan War. We learn how his best friend is killed by the champion of the Trojans, his desperate grief, and his terrible vengeance.

The show is described as “A fusion of storytelling, dance and song, tells of a man’s exorcism: a burning out of his vulnerability, his rage, and his humanity.”

The production is in association with Platform, Dance House and Citizens Theatre.

* January 23-27.

Child friendly.

JUST because Santa-time has come and gone it doesn’t mean there is nowhere to take the little people.

The Attic is an intimate and participative theatre experience for two – five-year-olds (and their grown-ups) telling a story about the bond between grandmother and granddaughter, set to a live piano score.

The Attic explores the tender and loving relationship between a young girl, Lucy, and her grandmother as they rummage through suitcases and boxes where memories are stored.

The hidden treasures they discover are precious reminders of the past but inspire playful interactions between the two that help them create new memories together and bring the sleepy attic to life.

The Attic was first created by Hazel Darwin-Clements as part of her Starcatchers Artist in Residency at The Byre Theatre in 2010.

A spokesman for the production said; “Set to a beautiful live piano score by David Paul Jones, The Attic is both nostalgic and a celebration of finding joy in the present, of which the entire audience - young and old - are an integral part. And you can join in with an extravagant tea party under the stars.”

* The Studio, 22 Potterrow, Edinburgh, January 9 – 13.

David Tennant does James Dean

DAVID Tennant says he looks quite tough… a little bit James Dean,” declares the one-time Dr Who.

TV adventurer Ross Kemp says he is going to need to visit a plastic surgeon.

And Freddie Fox, of the famous Fox acting dynasty admits; “I look just like my uncle.”

These men are all going through the process of self-evaluation thanks to the return of Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year series.

These were just three of the 30 famous and talented performers who sat for their portraits in the upcoming fourth series – and all were reacting to the moment of high-drama when amateur and professional artists from all over Britain and Ireland reveal their completed canvases.

Over 1,000 artists from across the UK applied for the show, and those who made the final shortlist are accompanied in the last stages by another 13 “wild-cards” trying their luck to catch the eyes of the judges.

From small, delicate studies to large-scale, full-body canvases, in oil, watercolour, pastels, charcoal, pencil and even collage - this series sees a whole host of different takes on the classic artistic challenge of portraiture.