Liam Neeson has said being an older actor in Hollywood can be “tough on guys too”.

The Irish heartthrob said men are not safe from age discrimination when it comes to the film industry but that it is much harder for women.

“I think it’s, certainly in Hollywood, I think it’s tougher on girls, on ladies, actresses,” said the star.

“Yeah, I do. I have lots of friends who are brilliant actresses and they haven’t worked as much as they should have done. On film.

“It can be tough on guys too, but it’s really hard for women.”

Now 65, Neeson has starred in a series of action movies such as the Taken films and his latest project The Commuter.

He is hopeful he will know when it is the right time to go for something less physically demanding.

He told the Press Association: “I’d like to think that I know when an audience is going to look at me and go, ‘Oh come on! You can’t outrun a train! You can’t outrun a horse! Don’t be stupid’.

“Do you know what I mean? So, then I’ll get out of that genre I think.

“But, at the moment, I’m fit and I keep healthy. We’ll see how it goes.”