LULU: Did the greatest white soul singer in the world have to say on BBC’s The One Show “I often think I have been blessed in a way by being just an ordinary girl”?

Ordinary? A pop star at 15, once married to a Bee Gee, millions in the bank, a huge house in Hampstead and now a West End role in 42nd Street. Let’s all dream of being ordinary.

SIR Michael Caine: The acting legend revealed when he once shared a Notting Hill flat with fellow thesp Terence Stamp in the Sixties he had to “look after” Stamp’s girlfriends when his chum was away. Perhaps not surprisingly, the pair haven’t spoken for more than 40 years.


ROBERT Mueller, head of the US special counsel’s office, is pursuing Trump with the perseverance of a Mountie on bonus. This week, he’s reduced the security privileges of the President’s son-in-la Jared Kushner, a strong indication he’s hell-bent of gaining leverage to link Trump to Russian corruption.

REESE Witherspoon, the Hollywood star is not above getting down on her knees and doing a little scrubbing. Okay, the clean-up did take place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and it was her own star she was cleaning up with the help of a pocket tissue. But it’s a reminder we’ve all got to look after our own stars, even if we’re being walked over in life. Haven’t we?