PRINCE Charles seems to have been reading Emma Byrne’s new book Swearing Is Good For You. In Australia for the start of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, he was asked by radio presenters; “Is it true you carry your own toilet seat when you travel?’ Our Prince of the Realm said curtly; “My own what?” before adding; “Oh don’t believe all that c***.”

MARK Zuckerberg has admitted that Facebook scans all of our private Messenger texts in the latest blow to hit the beleaguered social media. But he may be harshly judged, and if you’re reading this Mark those texts sent to the Swedish porn star twins were really just a bit of fun.


KATHLEEN Turner has to be applauded for being as outspoken as ever. When asked about her favourite film the actress was minded to recall Switching Channels in which she starred alongside Burt Reynolds. “Burt was absolutely a terrible, terrible person to work with,” she said. “He was awful. And I don’t think it’s a good film either.”

SEAN Penn has come under attack by the critics who’ve read his new novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and concluded it’s “repellant and stupid.” And it is. However, when interviewed about the crits, Penn simply smiled and said “I’ve got a swimming pool that’s heated.” Had he chosen to expand on the more important things in life he could have added he happens to be dating one-time model turned film staress, Charleze Theron.