Faye Treacy: The Problem With Faye Treacy is on at Just The Tonic - Mash House during Augsut (except 13th).

  • Tell us about your Fringe show

My Family are respite and foster carers, so I grew up in a really busy house in Croydon. I struggled to read or write till I was about eight-years-old but it turned out I was pretty good at the trombone so I used to practice loads to be heard. I then was lucky enough to be accepted into some Music Schools and I left home. So it’s looking back at my coming of age within the music (often male-dominated) world and ultimately what I think family is about.

  • How does it feel to be playing the Fringe for the first time?

Exciting but nerve-racking.

  • Why did you decide to perform at the Fringe?

I wanted to put a show together to improve and branch out from my club set but also to tell the story I wanted too. My little sister asked me for some Career Advice and I realised I’d spent a large part of my 20s trying to make trombone comedy work, so this definitely is a show where I’m trying to put a lot more out in terms of the form of storytelling.

  • If you were not a performer what would you be doing?

Well I’d be playing music probably all the time then. I still do gig work as a freelance trombonist but I guess if not performing I’ve sometimes thought about Social Work.

  • How do you prepare for a performance?

Preparation and toilet trips.

  • Best/worst advice you’ve been given ahead of your debut show?

Worst: It’s so important your debut show, so don’t stress about it.

Best: Create, do, learn.

I can walk everywhere! No tubing it with gear! Also my skin really appreciates a month away from London air.

  • What’s the most Scottish thing you’ve done?

I claimed I was a quarter Scottish for 26 years until I was at my Nan’s funeral and the eulogy said she was born in Essex. I then accepted that I was in fact just British.

  • Favouite Scottish food/drink?

Mussels and a single Glenmorangie… also anything battered after a certain time.

  • Sum up your show in three words?

Brassily, dysfunctionally and warm.

Show summary

When asked by her little sister for some career advice, Faye realised she'd spent the last half of her 20s trying to make trombone comedy work. Join Faye for an idiosyncratic tale about a South London foster family, why she's decided she wants to become a step-dad and what it's like to be quite often the only woman in the band.

Faye Treacy: The Problem With Faye Treacy is on at Just The Tonic - Mash House during Augsut (except 13th). For tickets, please visit www.edfringe.com