As incredible as the Fringe Festival is, there is no denying that it can be a pricey experience.

Whilst there are hundreds of free shows to see, you can’t avoid the expenses of travel, dining and the pay-what-you-think boxes at the end of some shows. However, people splash the cash because the Fringe brings an array of new and abstract performances that are not on offer anywhere else – or so people might think.

Coming to Glasgow at the end of August is a brilliant performance that will save you from trekking to Edinburgh. Theatre-makers Cairan McLaggan and Martha Haskins have co-produced an innovative theatre experience which he will be hosting at Nice n Sleazy on August 28th/29th. It is based around the theme “but when we’re dancing” and involves only one audience member at a time. Both Cairan and Martha will play an active role throughout the performances, offering a unique experience for every person.

“In a way, I think we’re trying to conjure something really universal. We recognise that not everyone would call themselves a dancer, we wouldn’t, but there is an intrinsic relationship that we have to music. Dance is in our DNA. We want to create a space and an encounter where that can bubble to the surface and be celebrated. There’s a feeling of liberation in completely losing yourself with a stranger.”

This experience is restricted to just 15 performances per night, so people are encouraged to book in advance via the Facebook event. There are various times available between 5.30pm and 10.10pm each night.

For more information, visit: But when we’re dancing.

When: August 28, 29 @5.30pm onwards

Where: Nice n Sleazy

Duration: 10mins+

Age: 18+