Fisherman’s Friends (12A)**

Dir: Chris Foggin

With: Daniel Mays, Tuppence Middleton, Noel Clarke

Runtime: 112 minutes

HAVE you heard of the group of Cornish fishermen who tried to parlay a pastime singing sea shanties into a record contract? Me neither, and I cannot say my life was much enriched by learning all about it in Chris Foggin’s pleasant but predictable drama.

The likeable Daniel Mays (Line of Duty) is Danny, the just down from London wide-boy agent who is tricked into taking on the fishermen, whose ranks include Scots actor David Hayman, as clients. He has been done up like a kipper, has Danny boy, but he is a decent bloke really, and he is sweet on local B&B owner Alwyn (Tuppence Middleton).

Can big-hearted Danny get the girl and negotiate the shark-infested waters of the music industry to bring home the goods? What do you think? Fisherman’s Friends would be a nice find on the telly on a wet day. It struggles as a film because you can see every twist coming a mile off, each character is two-dimensional at best and not enough is made of the fabulous seaside location.