What’s the story?

Springwatch is back from Monday to Thursday at 8pm on BBC2.


Usual place, the Cairngorms.


Usual faces led by Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan.


Usual wildcats, birds, pine martens, etc.

That’s a lot of “usual” stuff. Any chance of something exciting?

Springwatch comes with the promise of something thrilling and rarely disappoints.

But it is not exactly herds of wildebeests being pursued by lions, is it?

You animal enthusiasts are very difficult to please.

Got anything else?

As it happens, Channel 4 have just commissioned a documentary, My Gay Dog and Other Animals.

That’s more like it. What can we expect?

Makers Arrow Pictures say: “Even though it was observed by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, same-sex behaviour in the animal kingdom has largely gone unanalysed. British scientists now believe that they are close to identifying the combinations of genes that explain why there may be evolutionary advantages to an animal being gay.”

Can Springwatch top that?

Tune in and see.