Only You (15)***

Dir: Harry Wootliff

With: Josh O’Connor, Laia Costa, Tam Dean Burn

Runtime: 118 minutes

FINDING a taxi in Glasgow on Hogmanay can be a task beyond even the most determined of souls. But what if you not only bagged a cab but possibly the love of your life as well?

That’s the starting point for Harry Wootliff’s feature debut. PhD student Jake and office bod Elena (Josh O’Connor and Laia Costa) are the strangers about to bump into each other in their search for a cab. Opting to share one, they are soon getting on fabulously, one thing leads to another and everything is wonderful. There is one thing Elena has not shared though: at 35 her time for having a baby is running out. The couple embark on IVF treatment, a tough test for any relationship. Can these two last the course?

Wootliff shows the IVF process in fine detail, and the emotional toll taken, which boosts the film’s authenticity but can make for a gruelling watch.

Where she succeeds magnificently is in showing Glasgow in the prettiest light. I cannot recall a recent film that made the Dear Green Place look more Euro chic. Add to this two terrific performances from O’Connor (God’s Own Country, The Durrells) and Spanish actor Costa (Victoria) and the occasional drag can be forgiven.