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Church Hill Theatre

Nicola Graham

four stars

1927 productions did a weird but wonderful job at remaking these amazing, hilarious folk tales.

When watching ‘Roots’ I felt completely mesmerised by the animations that took place on the screen. The atmosphere immediately changed when watching one of the tales. The show started with a tale about a cute, ‘fat cat’ and within 10 seconds it had ate its owner. Watching the audience reactions change was very interesting. The main character in each tale was evil in some kind of way, which made every story, that were completely different with each other, join together and make them all have something in common.

The performance of ‘Patient Oriselda’ was my favourite. 1927 portrayed the tale so well with the animations and acting. The performance really felt like it was set in the 17th century and it made me want to go home and watch ‘The Musketeers’. The live music sounded like a mix between a glockenspiel and a harpsichord which really helped take the audience back in time. 1927 were incredible because of the way they were able to take the funny and disturbing and combine them both to make this amazing piece of work.

1927’s ‘Roots’ was incredible, mesmerising and enjoyable to watch. 4 stars definitely well deserved, would 100% recommend.

*Nicola Graham is a pupil at Craigroyston and this review was submitted as part of The Herald Young Critics project with the Edinburgh International Festival.