For Sama (18)****

Dirs: Waad al-Kateab, Edward Watts

Runtime: 100 minutes

FOR Sama begins with a scene familiar to millions: a mother gazing at her baby and the babe looking back, delighted with the world and her ability to put her toes in her mouth. Then all hell breaks loose, for this is Aleppo during the siege, when Russian planes dropped death from the skies and the Assad regime and Islamist rebels wrought carnage on the ground.

“What a life I have brought you into,” says director Waad al-Kateab, left, co-director of this awards-winning documentary with Edward Watts. “Will you ever forgive me?” Sama’s parents stay in the Syrian city because he is a doctor and she is a journalist, both believing they must remain to fight for the cause of freedom, document what is happening, and help those left behind. Whether it is the right decision is the question that runs silently through this unforgettable film. A harrowing watch (note the 18 certificate) that documents an atrocity the world turned its back on. ALISON ROWAT

GFT till September 19; Filmhouse, Edinburgh, September 20-24