The Selection by Kiera Cass was was published by Harper Collins and is sold at £7.99

What is the book about?

The Selection is the first book in a trilogy (not including the two spinoff novels), that is best described as

a Dystopian future series of The Bachelor.

The country of Illea is split into a caste system where everyone is assigned a number based on their social status – Ones being royalty and Eights being those of the lowest status and income.

America Singer, a Five, is chosen to take part in a process where the youngest prince chooses his wife from a group of women from all over the country.

It follows her journey in the process, and not only delves deep into a dramatic love triangle, but also the monarchy and its flaws.

Who is it aimed at?

Though it is definitely primarily aimed at teenagers, it’s a book that could also be enjoyed by older people. I would be wary about the occasionally dark themes regarding anyone younger than twelve.

What was your favourite part?

I think, by far, my favourite part of

The Selection was Kiera Cass’s

style of writing.

There was a logical flow that built up the story and that never once undermined the light almost poetic nature of her words.

What was your least favourite part?

This is a book that I’ve loved for a while now so it’s tough to find any fault at all, but one thing I noticed was the plot. It occasionally felt a little predictable and reminiscent of other YA novels with tropes that verged on boring. This is common, but the positive aspects of the book made up for it.

Which character would you

most like to meet?

The characters in this novel are all interesting to me, but I’d most like to meet Celeste. Her role as something of a villain is deeply intriguing to me.

Why should someone buy this book?

I would recommend this to anyone looking to get into really good dystopian novels and is looking for somewhere to start.