What's the story?

Comedian and presenter Des Clarke has somehow muddled through life avoiding everything.

There's a skill in that. The man should have his own TV show.

He does. It's called Des Doesn't Do …

What doesn't he do?

The outdoors, dogs, tattoos …

I'm sensing a theme.

Spot on. It's a six-part BBC Scotland series (Thursdays, 8.30pm) where Clarke attempts to overcome his fears and self-perceived shortcomings by breaking the habits of a lifetime. Already we've seen Clarke learn survival skills, get chased by a guard dog and visit a tattoo parlour.

What's next?

Cooking. The latest episode will see broadcaster and Celebrity MasterChef finalist Kirsty Wark take Clarke under her wing to help him leave behind microwave ready meals and learn how to rustle up dishes using fresh ingredients.

Wark sends Clarke to Nick Nairn's cooking school to make fresh pasta from scratch, then sets her culinary protege the challenge of hosting a dinner party for friends, including Burnistoun creator Robert Florence and chef Julie MacLeod.

What else (possibly) doesn't Des do?

Parenting and thrills. He arranges a birthday party for four-year-olds, rides a roller coaster and attempts bungee jump.

That sounds terrifying.

Indeed. Who in their right mind would attempt to host a party for four-year-olds?