*Warning: contains mild spoilers for series one of You*

What's the story?



No. You.

I'm confused.

You. It's a psychological thriller based on Caroline Kepnes' bestselling novel of the same name. Series two has newly started streaming on Netflix.

I'll need more information.

The first series saw Joe (Penn Badgley), a charming and chisel-jawed New York bookstore manager, fall for aspiring writer Beck (Elizabeth Lail).

On the surface, it is a romantic tale of love at first sight as he tracks Beck down and attempts to win her heart. But the reality becomes far darker with a modern and chilling twist on the boy-meets-girl story.

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Joe garners intimate of details about Beck's life through social media and the internet, using the information to portray himself as a would-be soulmate. Anyone who raises doubts about his intentions swiftly become collateral damage.


Indeed. Most unsettling is the number of viewers swooning over Joe’s controlling, calculating and manipulative behaviour. Badgley, who plays the character, has spent a lot of time on Twitter saying how baffled he was by this reaction and attempting to point out to lovestruck fans how heinous it all is.

Now what?

The second series switches locations to Los Angeles with Badgley starring alongside a new cast that includes The Haunting of Hill House's Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn, an aspiring chef working in an unfulfilling job.

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This won't end well. I can feel it.

I would hazard that will prove correct.