When I last spoke to Easterhouse's newest crooner Joesef, I wrote that it sounded like he could barely believe his luck.

“Before, I worked as a bartender, just floated about" he told me. "I was always happy, but it was a bit of a cycle of boozing and working, working and boozing.

"I would have been fine but getting into music has made me more ambitious. I think sometimes you have to give yourself a shake. I have more to offer. It's probably given me a better future.”

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Since then, Joesef has supported Loyle Carner and sold out his own SWG3 headline gig. He won the Best Breakthrough Artist award at the Scottish Music Awards and to top it off, he has been included in the BBC shortlist for the sound of 2020, alongside Joy Crookes and previous nominees Sam Smith. Did he expect it to look so good so quickly?

"It's gone mental man" Joesef says. "Every few weeks it steps up and there is something else. It's been class.

"I'm never used to it but I'm settling into it more and taking it as I come. I felt a bit like a fish out of water at the start but now I feel like I'm liking it."

"I didn't realise how much of a big deal it was" he says of the BBC Sound of 2020 poll.

"I was like why am I in that, I only started this year? I must be doing something right if I'm in that."

"I think just being from where I'm from, I'm walking past, in situations where people like me shouldn't' be in. It's a weird space to be in but feel like I'm trying to feel comfortable.

"I don't take anything seriously, everything is hilarious. I just take it in my stride."

Joesef is doing something right indeed. Next year will surely be his year - what can we expect?

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"I've been recording in my bedroom, I have my own stuff so I record when I want. I'm thinking about a new album. There will be something in the new year for sure."

He might have a bit of imposter syndrome, but Joesef knows that he is exactly where he is meant to be.

"There has been an influx of young working class people making tunes and its very encouraging, like Slowthai and Loyle. It makes me feel less strange, and its something to aspire to. It's class."